Video targeting high school students

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"It's cool / C'est cool"

With family and some of our friends we speak English and Ojibway. . .

. . . avec les autres nous parlons français. 

. . . and with some friends we switch sans même y penser!

Being able to speak both of Canada's official languages and having access to both cultures is the best!

At first my English wasn't really that good, but after practising together, and even downloading an app, now when people talk to me in English, I don't panic.

J'ai appris le français et j'étudie maintenant l'espagnol. J'apprends tellement plus rapidement maintenant!

And I've noticed that after practising English, my work comes easier.

There are more doors open to me because I speak both of Canada's official languages. It's great to look at job ads and know that I have something special that the Government of Canada and other employers are looking for!

Plus de possibilités, peut-être même un salaire plus élevé. Il y a tant d'emplois intéressants au sein de la fonction publique du Canada. Il est bon de savoir que je peux travailler n'importe où au pays et être à l'aise dans les deux langues officielles. 

No matter where I end up working or travelling, I'm comfortable learning new languages. I know that trying my best, making mistakes and not worrying is the best way to learn.

For friends!

Pour plus que des amis!

Pour le travail!

Pour voyager!

For your brain!

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