Video Dare! Osez! (Short Version)

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Transcript: Video Dare! Osez! (Short Version)

(Music of Andrea Lindsay singing Les Yeux de Marie)

Andrea Lindsay:

Hello! Bonjour!  I'm singer songwriter Andrea Lindsay.  I grew up as an Anglophone in Guelph, Ontario.

I started singing in English. But my career really took off when I began to sing in French.

In 2010, I won a Juno award for Francophone album of the year!

Speaking both French and English is helping many public service employees to push the boundaries in their careers.

And I challenge you to DARE! Osez! to take full advantage of every linguistic opportunity you can!

French and English are part of our Canadian heritage… and an integral part of the public service.

We've developed tools to encourage linguistic duality in this country…many of which can be found on the website.

Once you learn a second language, it's vital that you use it on a daily basis…You have to Dare! Osez!

My love of languages helped me to reach for the stars.  Today, I challenge you to expand your horizons and open up new perspectives.

By learning, using and loving the gifts of a second language you can reach for your own stars. Go ahead… I Dare You!

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