Key Messages

Legislative framework

In 1969, the Official Languages Act was adopted in Canada. To make this legislation truly meaningful, we need to go beyond obligations and embrace the values and benefits of linguistic duality.

Our guiding principles and values

Canada's official languages are key elements of our public service. They are a strength that makes our institutions uniquely Canadian.

Public service renewal provides an opportunity to embrace the value of bilingualism and build institutions that will successfully meet the challenges of the future.

Advantages of bilingualism for individuals

Knowing a second official language gives you an edge in the labour market. It allows you to improve your interactions with other people, understand them better and form more effective and meaningful personal relationships.

Using your second official language opens doors to communities with different cultural values and experiences. Understanding new customs and ways of thinking helps improve the way we serve our fellow Canadians.

Advantages for organizations

Recognizing the importance that language has for an organization's employees and clients enhances productivity and fosters a positive image.

Language of work

By encouraging employees to use the official language of their choice at work, managers are sending an important message that English and French are equal.


The goal of the DARE slogan is to develop and increase awareness among federal government employees of the advantages and the value of linguistic duality in the workplace.

A shared responsibility

Bilingualism involves everyone. Employers and employees have a shared responsibility in fostering the learning and use of English and French.

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