Roles and Responsibilities of the Official Languages Champion


The role of the official languages champion was included in the Policy on Official Languages, which came into effect on November 19, 2012. The policy stipulates that deputy heads must establish an appropriate governance structure.

Since duties and governance models can vary from one institution to another, this generic document is designed so you can take from it those elements that apply to your institution's particular circumstances with respect to the application of the Official Languages Act. Below is a list of examples of activities that reflect the roles and responsibilities of an official languages champion.


The official languages champion in each institution is appointed by the deputy head. Ideally, the champion serves on the executive committee of his or her institution, but has no reporting duties or specific responsibilities regarding the application of official languages legislation and policies. His or her role is to demonstrate leadership, listen, summarize, exert influence and communicate.

Behaviours and Activities

The following are examples of behaviours that may be adopted by the official languages champion as well as activities that he/she may undertake at the institution, where applicable:

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